%e6%84%9f%e5%8f%b9%e5%8f%b7 How to update your camera ?

1. Please click  “OD6000 or OD7200 or OD9000R Action Camera” to download the firmware you need, please don’t download this firmware if your camera works well!

 2. FORMAT the SD card on your computer first at “FAT32” mode.

3. OPEN this firmware on your PC,  then please copy the file in form .bin to your SD card. 

4. INSERT SD card in the camera, press the “Mode” button, wait a while, after the camera is turned on, finish update.

I. OD9000R 4K Underwater Camera 

“firmware”的图片搜索结果” OD9000R Action Camera ” for version 2016/08/19 or before.   

 “firmware”的图片搜索结果” OD9000R Action Camera for version 2017/08/08 or after. 

02                 1-2

II.  OD6000 1080P Action Camera 

“firmware”的图片搜索结果 ” OD6000 Action Camera for all versions   


III. OD7200 1080P WiFi Sports Camera

“firmware”的图片搜索结果 ” OD7200 Action Camera “for all versions

   WIFI-Action-Camera-Waterproof-Sports-Camera-HD-1080P-170-Degree-Angle-Underwater-Camera-with-12MP-19PCS-Accessories-for-Kids-Sports-Hunting-Motorcycle-Car-and-Drones-0                            Action-Camera-HD-1080P-Underwater-Sports-Camera-12MP-Waterproof-Camera-Full-Camcorder-with-2-x-1050mAh-Batteries-Portable-Handbag-and-Outdoor-Accessories-Kits-for-Bike-helmet-drone-kids-ski-0